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« News 8 @ Noon (New) The News 8 Team presents the latest information on the events of the morning and timely updates on local sports, weather conditions and traffic issues.
Days of Our Lives (New, TV-14) Sonny speaks honestly to Paul about Will; Hope and Rafe find out that they both expressed interest in the commissioner job; Eli runs into someone from his past.
Rachael Ray Jake Gyllenhaal is at Rach's Kitchen Table for the First Time! (HD, New, TV-G) Rachael chats with actor Jake Gyllenhaal of "Stronger," along with Jeff Bauman; Rachael cooks a cheeseburger; rapper Action Bronson prepares tasty onion rings.
The Dr. Oz Show What's Your Thyroid Speed? The Thyroid Therapy You Need To Know (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz evaluates the function of the thyroid, which secretes thyroid hormones that mainly influence metabolism; Maria Menounos discusses her medical condition.

« Three Can Play That Game (TV-14, R, **) A relationship expert helps a girl teach her boyfriend a lesson on behavior when he is caught flirting with his new project manager.
The Sixth Man (TV-14, PG-13, **+) College basketball star dies just before the championships and the whole team then looks to his heartbroken brother who gains courage from his brother's ghost.
Showtime (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A hard-working LAPD detective and a publicity-hungry patrol officer find themselves unlikely partners for the benefit of a reality TV show.

Night Court A Family Affair, Part 2 (TV-14) Harry has a crucial high school test that is coming up soon, but for some reason he keeps trying to avoid the tutor who's been helping get through the course.
Night Court When Harry Met Margaret (TV-14) Harry finally garners the courage to ask the night court's new court reporter out for a date, and in preparation he receives some advice about women from Dan.
Night Court Can't Buy Me Love (TV-14) Christine questions the longevity of her marriage; Dan is excited to participate in a bachelor auction for charity, but he soon regrets it when he's bid on.
Night Court Death Takes a Halloween (TV-14) Harry puts a defendant known as the "Spirit of Death" behind bars on Halloween, and after doing so, people stop dying, including his next victim.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 1 (TV-14) The entire court ends up forced to spend the whole night in the courtroom after a medical scares leaves the building quarantined.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 2 (TV-14) The staff's under quarantine for the night, and once the initial shock has passed, they settle in and reflect on life's milestones and roadblocks.
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